• Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master 
  • Karuna® Holy Fire® Master
  • Master Rapid Eye Technition
  • Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner
Holistic Soul Care Services Owner & Practitioner
Rapid Eye Technology (ocular release of stress and trauma)
Holy Fire Reiki Sessions and Lessons ( Master Teacher )
Facilitator: Available for Workshops.
Integrated Energy Therapy (Angelic Healing Sessions)
Professional History
 Client Case Manager (Women in Addiction)
Day Program Group Facilitator (Women in Addiction)
 Family Life Counselor
 Self-Employment Entrepreneur
 Foster Parent and Respite Worker
 Interfaith Minister
 Health Care Aide & Community Liason
 Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher
Spiritual Healing
The successful methods, used to support people during times of challenge and change, are integrated within the model of Deborah Chesters' professional skill. Deborahs' heart-felt passion is to provide hope and means whereby people may discover inner peace and healing. This passion is fueled by the adventures during her journey toward improved overall health, specifically physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • The Rapid Eye Institute
  • The International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT)
  • International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP)

What is a Holistic Health Practitioner?

Holistic Practitioners help clients accomplish balance.

A holistic model of health is based on the view of the unity of physical, mental and spiritual essences of a person. The method and process implements and emcompasses many different natural healing modalities which will promote relaxation, circulation, release and overall improvements with the natural rythms of the body. Professional Holistic Practitioners study with a licensed school or certified teachers whose education may be ongoing.

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Our Mission

Is to create a respected and professional presence of alternative natural healing methods that support medical processes within our communities.

Our Purpose

To provide Spiritual and Scientific integrated methods of healing to those seeking a Holistic approach to health care.

You can feel better!

Relax - DeStress - Release Now

Is it difficult to feel hopeful? Are you experiencing relationship conflicts? Is your self-esteem low and you haven't reconciled it?

Have you navigated caregiver stress and are still overwhelmed? Is grief or the mourning process lingering to the point of difficulty moving forward?

Do any of these phrases hit a nerve? Sexual identity transitioning, re-inventing yourself, cross-roads, transformation, agism

Clients have used Rapid Eye Technology sessions for:

  • Abuse /
  • Accident Trauma /
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder /
  • Anger /
  • Anxiety /
  • Autism /
  • Birth Issues /
  • Body Pain /
  • Confusion /
  • Couples Counseling /
  • Loss and Mourning /
  • Depression and Grief /
  • Dyslexia /
  • Family Relationships /
  • Fear /
  • Financial Anxiety /
  • Focusing Problems /
  • Hyperactivity /
  • Panic /
  • Phobias /
  • Post Tramatic Stress Disorder /
  • Shock /
  • Sleep Disorders /
  • Spiritual Issues /
  • ... and much more.

rapid eye technology

Rapid Eye Technology, (RET) is a Spiritual and scientific energy therapy based on your own Rapid Eye Movement (REM). In this awaken state the mind allows access and release of hurts and unfinished business from the past. The attached memories and subconscious beliefs often at the roots of patterns of pain and struggle are trapped in cells in your body.

This method includes such techniques as eye movement (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) EMDR, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT and Tapping), visualization, breathing techniques, activities and exercises designed to release patterns of imbalance.

Rapid Eye Technology facilitates release through safe and natural process of emotional discharge through the eyes.

A technical and educational model of releasing trapped trauma and stress while bringing the body into balance. This state of balance encourages the body to heal.

Rapid blinking puts a client in a state of balance - light / dark / light / dark. It also accesses trauma feelings and emotion in the DNA cells then releases them.

The Skills for Life Program is the second part of the RET model. This is the educational part and it provides clearity and understanding about how your life works.

What happens during a Rapid Eye session?

Life Skills for 15 minutes then a guided imagery to bring one into the REM state. EMDR, (blinking) and several other techniques are used to complete the session.

What Makes Rapid Eye Technology Work

Rapid Eye Technology, (RET) physiologically, as well as, psychologically opens up the neuropathways where memories of our personal, (as well as DNA inherited) traumatic experiences are held. For instance "being" trapped in the birth canal, trapped in a car accident or trapped in a relationship are all on the same neuro-pathway. Once this trapped trauma is released the RET processes with verbal cues, the emotions attached are released. Spiritual reframes energetically fill the void.

Where did Rapid Eye Technology come from?

Dr. Ranae Johnson, psychologist, developed the Rapid Eye Technology process from inspiration and years of research. She has been training students to become Rapid Eye Technicians since 1988. Refer to the following website to gain further knowledge about Dr. Johnson and the Rapid Eye Technology research team. www.rapideyetechnology.com

Group Rapid Eye Sessions

This method, "Group Rapid Eye Technology," is designed to facilitate a weekend program that is intensive. The goal is to improve the well-being of each participant. Groups are diverse and include: multiple family members, church groups and many other combinations.


A Japanese technique that increases a persons life energy.

There are many styles or methods of Reiki

Reikis' presence is within all living things.
Reiki Practitioners and Master-Teachers individually choose which methods of Reiki to facilitate.

Holy Fire®  Reiki Sessions

1/2 Hour$50.00
3/4 Hour$75.00
1 Hour$95.00

Holy Fire® Reiki Courses (on line or in-person)

Usui/Holy Fire® ReikiHoly Fire® Karuna Reiki®
Usui or Karuna Reiki Upgrade to Holy Fire®Levels 1 - 4
"Elevate Your Reiki Vibrations to a Higher and More Superior Level"



Barb Smitt, Executive Director Gerri C., Staff Member of Centre for Adults with Challenges
Rapid Eye
Group Rapid Eye: The Rapid Eye Sessions were eye-opening and inspirational. The sessions have helped me release negative thoughts and ideas that have been with me for a very long time. The transformation that has taken place is astounding, and I am more at peace with myself and feel that my vibrational energy is more positive.
Kristine, Foster Parent
After my first session I had a sense of overall health, I was surprised. I look forward to the remainder of my program.
Name Held By Request
Group Rapid Eye Therapy
Group Rapid Eye Therapy: helped me increase my level of happiness and clarity. I had been taking anti-depressants for six years. The effects of the drugs were starting to become as bad as the depression. RET helped me heal my depression and get off anti-depressants. It helped me decrease my level of worry, fear and self-doubt. RET in general completely turned my life around and sent it in a positive direction. I am happier and clearer about what I want.... Cathy
Lucie Roussin
Student of HolyFire Reiki
Deborah taught me Holy Fire Reiki and she is a passionate teacher, a wealth of positivity, very knowledgeable! Deborah is a gentle, loving, caring & supportive human angel!She makes learning fun! 💖🥰