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Addictions Program

Cost: $750.00 (discounted from hourly wage)

“All addictions are the body's great need for attention. The core belief for addiction is: "The things I need are outside me."

The sessions are 1 1/2 hours and take place once a week.

This eight week programs' focus is to specifically address any/all types of addiction. The sessions are designed to increase awareness and provide mental, emotional and physical release from the intense cravings leading to addiction. Rapid Eye Technology in its wisdom, goes to the core issues when patterns were first created then addresses them. A combination of releasing trauma emotion and repatterning occurs when balance is achieved and cravings are released.

In addition to the release techniques, which are preformed during sessions, the Life Skills Program, (cognitive portion of Rapid Eye Technology model)) does assist clients in creating their life the way they would rather have it.

Rapid Eye Technology provides a program which addresses the following addictions: Smoking, Overeating, Gambling, Sex and/or Drug Addiction and however addiction shows up in your life.

Sessions will include and address the following:

  • Birth Story and Pattern Cycle
  • Addictive Behavior including Addiction Core Belief and Values
  • Healing Poverty Consciousness
  • Skills for Life Coaching
  • Time Line Travel and Integration
  • Addiction Defense
  • Repatterning and more

Couples Counselling Sessions

Cost: $900.00 (two attendees) and $850.00 (one attendee) both fee amounts are discounted

“One person becoming aware of the need to change will affect relationships with the whole family system through proxy.”

10 Sessions at 1 1/2 hours each

When working with people who are having relationship issues, it doesn't matter whether one or both people, who are involved in the relationship, are coming in for sessions. You can also effect change by supporting one person to shift because energetically families are connected.

There is an additional program that is perceived as homework and is to be completed in-between weekly sessions. This program is called the Skills for Life Course; it is the educational piece in all Rapid Eye Programs. After all, if you continue to do the same pattern, you will get the same results.

In addition to release work and the Skills for Life Course, (the cognitive part of the Rapid Eye sessions)body talk, mirror work and many other techniques are included to provide clarity and transformation. RET assists clients to release the old unwanted patterns or loops we get stuck in, whereas the Life Skills Course educates us in the ways we need to attract new ways of thinking and behaving with the use of the Seven Universal Principles. When we understand how we set up our lives,ONLY then can we change and become empowered. You can then enjoy peace through acceptance and love through forgiveness.

Sessions will include and address the following:

  • Commitment Patterns
  • Trust
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Control - vs – Compromise
  • Change
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Intimacy and more...


Cost: $725.00 (discount from hourly fees)

The sessions are 1 1/2 hours and take place once a week.

This eight week programs' focus is designed specifically to address the client's existing perspective and move them through to peace. When someone feels depressed they may do a lot of worrying and feel stuck. When that happens one tends to feel overwhelmed. This pattern will use up energy in the brain and cause an additional struggle with sleeping. Once awake, one may still feel tired.

Rapid Eye Technology and its' processes will release all of this unfinished business and lets the brain rest again, naturally. There is plenty of people feeling depressed, especially at this time. There is not a singular reason for depression to occur as their are many. Depression may be inherited as perceived mental illness in the DNA. An accident may cause depression and that is a common occurance due to a change in health status or new financial responsibilities from damaged vehicles and worst yet is the sadness and/or guilt we may feel because of the accident. Loss and morning may mess with our neuro-pathways and could shift us into depression that is all encompassing. So many different events can create a bout of depression in our lives. Help may be required to shift from depression to a more proactive state organically. This will recreate and influence motivation to get on with things again, more easily as energy returns.

Rapid Eye Technology facilitates the issue or pattern through to the alpha brain wave state. This process sends different messages and moves the body into balance and well-being occurs.

There is an additional program that is to be done in-between weekly sessions during the eight week program. After all if you continue to do the same pattern, you will get the same results.

Rapid Eye Technology sessions provide the release work and Skills for Life is the cognitive piece of the model. The complete RET program will assist clients in creating their life the way they would rather have it, on all levels.

Sessions will include and address the following:

  • Clearing for Depression on all levels
  • Depression and Apathy
  • Family & Positives
  • Self-Healing on all Levels
  • Being What You Intend and more...

Group Sessions

Cost: $275.00 per participant (8 participants or under)

The Group Sessions cost is determined by the number of participants (usually 6-8 people)

There are two Rapid Eye Technicians facilitating the sessions, one in the front of the room and one in the back, The wand processes create the needed vortex of energy throughout the room. This energetic vortex gathers the feelings in the room as they release. Instead of doing sessions one-on-one, saturate yourself in the supportive, concentrated focus of group energy and processing. Hold yourself in the positive energy of what you want - long enough to create your new patterns effectively.

The Group Rapid Eye Intensive Program is unlike anything you have ever experienced, even if you have already done Rapid Eye Technology individual sessions.

We address the habitual relative thought, affects or behaviors that are present in mankind, as the focus of this group is to identify and release these limiting thoughts.

In my opinion, the ability to release unhealthy feelings like anger, fear, anxiety, addictions, sabotage, depression, lack and failure that may show up in family life is beyond magnificent!

Most every family has experienced a less than positive crisis, event, activity or trauma at one point in time or another. Imagine clearing the feelings it brought on to each family member. Each person can have their own perspective and feelings about any and all experiences. We expect the perceptions to be different. They will all clear beautifully just the same.

The endless possibilities to heal whatever is your family experience. Heal together - begin again. Are you thinking that it sounds too good to be true? Being cleansed and cleared of feelings and emotions that block you off from the closeness you want back may appear surreal, yet when the family desires to let go they will. Clear the layers of feelings so that you can feel the love you have for yourself and one another.

Sometimes you haven't had the opportunity to be close and know, that it is never too late. Create the closeness that is the hope within your heart for you and your family. If you are willing to do the work -- you will have the result of warmth, closeness and pure joy. Now I would imagine you will read this and think, "This just sounds too simple." It is. It takes intention and showing up.

Common place community groups of like-minded people are everywhere. These are set up as topic or issue support groups. There are plenty of them specific to men or to women who have a desire for companionship so that they can share similar experiences.

While sharing relatable experiences people often form a 2nd family, so to speak. Often these groups have a focus which is common enough to interest people in numbers. They may meet on a regular basis, yet sometimes the group feels stuck. The Rapid Eye Technology group sessions can assist them to release the thinking and feelings, so that they can move forward in their group focus. We would be happy to hear from them then meet and discuss how RET can be a fit.

Speak to your family, local church group, caregivers, resource centre and other neighborhood gatherings that you are a part of, because change is needed.

There is an additional program that is to be done in between sessions throughout the weekend. After all if you continue to do the same pattern, you will get the same results.

The session work is release work and the second part of the Rapid Eye model adddresses the cognitive part of the program. RET assists clients in creating their life the way they would rather have it, on all levels.

The "Core Group Program" is foundational and the sessions include:

  • Neurological Integration
  • Skills for Life Program
  • Birth Story Clearing
  • Inner Child Clearing and Integration
  • Clearing Core Beliefs
  • Cycle of Creation
  • Re-Pattering and Tools.

Skills for Life Workshop

Cost: $50.00 per person and half price when non-profit

Universal Law states:

Thought is at the beginning of all creation. Change your thinking, change your life. Energy follows thought. The "Thought" principle will place you on your way to creating the life you want! You will be surprised!

Perception is our understanding of our world filtered through our experiences. Energy is just energy until a perception is put upon it!

Choice & Accountability refers to being accountable for our choices in life. You may always choose again!

Cause & Effect is the energy we send out which comes back to us multiplied. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Abundance & Gratitude represents what we feed will grow. What we feed with "gratitude" will grow "abundantly".

Health & Healing is essential for creating balance on all levels of our being. Listen to your body; what is it telling you?

Harmony is the basic Rhythm for all creations. Follow your own intuitive "rhythm" to create a "harmonic" flow and connection with all things!

Rapid Eye Technology also encourages layers of release and renewal through the Skills for life Program. This is the other half of the technology that teaches clients how they establish and keep their new lease on life.

Skills for Life are a significant portion of each individual and customized Program which fits perfectly throughout the process. It includes a workbook to read up on Rapid Eye Technology’s' tried and successful Skills for Life Program. It includes seven Principles and contains a written portion explaining each one. This workshop is divided into seven segments and done on a weekly basis.

Skills for Life is also a Program within itself and can be taught in groups! The group experience is so much fun. Each week the "Principle" has interactive exercises to provide body learning, in addition to the personal work completed in the workbook. It is delightful and thousands of Rapid Eye Technology Clients have attested to that!

If you would like to have the Skills for Life Program facilitated by a Rapid Eye Technician they will enthusiastically be available to families and other groups.

There is additional homework that is due, in between weekly sessions during the eight week program. After all if you continue to do the same pattern, you will get the same results.

As well as, release work we teach Skills for Life as the cognitive part of the Rapid Eye Technology (RET) Process. RET assists clients in creating their life the way they would rather have it, on all levels.

You can arrange for your family, groups of teens, womens' gatherings, mens gatherings or clubs and/or other diverse organizations to have a Rapid Eye Technician to take you through the program. This format, seven weeks long at two hours per night/one night per week, is definitely livelier and fun because of the interaction the group has together. There is a variety of exercises that provide an experience of body learning which supports each Skill for Life Principle.

Workshops are held upon request

Duration 8 weeks Explanation of each Universal Law and Interactive Practicing (2 hr session/week)

The Inner Child

Cost: $1,100.00

The sessions are 1 1/2 hours and take place once a week.

This twelve week programs' focus is to specifically address the client's perspective.

There is an additional program that is included as homework and completed in private. After all, "if we continue to do the same pattern, we will get the same results!"

What happens in your 12 session program?

The twelve session program is designed to work with pre-verbal issues, for example during gestation and circumstances of birth, up to and including the present moment. The sessions in this program help you identify your sponsoring beliefs that continue to form the uncomfortable pattern cycle (things that show up repeatedly in life). Clarity of our story or experience isn't necessary to relive. The feelings and emotions from trauma will release through the processes facilitated in the Rapid Eye sessions.

You will also retrain your body so that it doesn't recreate out of old habit. The effects of these patterns and emotions are released from the DNA or cell memory.

The Inner Child program is designed to teach, explore and perceive new awareness of the developmental stages of childhood. Developmental stages are accompanied by challenges which prepare us to grow into functioning adults in society. This re-alignment is designed to serve to the benefit of all.

Inner Child Development is a journey to bring together neglected and forgotten parts of your life's experience. The healing of your wounded Inner- Child allows us to release the past. This program will provide a new lease on life literally. You will be so relieved and know deep peace and joy by the end of the process.

Integrated Energy Technology, (IET) Overview

As we journey in our lives the flow of energy can become restricted or limited. You can think of the energy pathways as being like riverbeds that become choked by a beaver dam. The dam does not stop the flow, but rather, it limits the flow and creates an area of energy stagnation. These restrictions are commonly referred to as energy blockages. Some causes of energy blockages are physical trauma, surgery, disease, exhaustion, starvation, emotional crises, suppressed feelings, stress, fear, self-limiting thoughts and percieved Karma. Energy blockages limit our experiences of life and can result in lack of spontaneity, energy depletion even disease. Integrated Energy Therapy helps you to safely and gently release limiting energy patterns from your past, empower and balance your life in the present, and embody your full potential as you move into your future.

Benefits of an IET Sessions:

  1. Can painlessly release your suppressed feelings and your limiting cellular memories.
  2. Supports you in enhancing your health, life purpose, prosperity and creativity.
  3. Empowers you to experience fulfilling loving relationships in all areas of your life.
  4. Childhood traumas such as physical and sexual abuse, alcoholic and dysfunctional families.
  5. Supports your self-healing at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  6. Increases your connection to your angels and helps you work with them in your life.
  7. Helps you to discover and live your Soul’s mission in life.

Founder and Integrated Energy Technology Mission

The IET Mission is to “Heal the world one-heart-at-a-time.” Steven J. Thayer is the founding director of The Center of Being, Inc. He is an Interfaith Minister, certified Reiki Master and creator of Integrated Energy Therapy®. As a Master Instructor Trainer and author of two books: 'Interview with an Angel' and 'The Healing Angels of the Energy Field.' He teaches that we are truly honored and blessed by the Angels. Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) sessions use angelic energy to work directly with the body’s cellular memory and energy field to get the “issues out of your tissues.” Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Deborah Chester states that, "IET is ideal for first time clients wanting a gentle energy therapy healing experience." Rapid Eye Technology and Reiki energy, provide a wonderful compliment to IET. Deborah intuitively blends the energies while working with her clients. Hence, the benefit of choosing to work with an experienced, caring and generous practitioner.

Holy Fire Definition

"The use of the word "holy" in the name Holy Fire is not intended to have a religious meaning. The word 'holy' has its root meaning, 'to be whole and complete.' This is how it is used in Holy Fire Reiki. Therefore, Holy Fire Reiki is a spiritual energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.

Benefits of Holy Fire Reiki

Reiki energy allows muscles to relax and increases blood flow to treated areas, which in turn quickens the healing process. Clients report help with stress, headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, sprains, and other minor conditions. Occasionally, miraculous results are reported.

Reiki also promotes psychological healing including: release from anger, fear, worry, sadness, and other unhealthy feelings and replaces them with self-worth, confidence and tranquility.

Holy Fire Reiki Sessions
½ hour $60.00
45 min $75.00
1 hour $95.00

Reiki Training Classes

There are four levels of Reiki and specialty classes too.

Level One (no prerequisites)

(Shoden) Students will learn beginner teachings, some of which are: developing spiritual and mental focus, skills and techniques, meditations, hand positions and be taught about the Chakra energy field and system.

The history of the Usui system and Holy Fire methods of Reiki, spirituality, placements vs attunements and how to prepare mentally and physically to allow Reiki to flow through you and treat plants, animals and oneself. The certified class length is one full day of instruction and practice.

Level Two (prerequisite is Level One)

(Okuden) Students learn: hidden or inner teachings, continued spiritual and mental focus, skills and techniques, meditations, introduction of mantras and learn three symbols.

This level of Reiki teaches the student HOW to facilitate a Reiki session on a person, practice using the three symbols and be taught about the 'Three Heavens.' The student becomes a Certified Reiki Practitioner, after receiving their placement. In addition students receive business practice forms and training on how to use them. The length of time for the certification is two full days of training.

Level Three (prerequisites are to complete Levels' one and two)

(Shinpiden) Students learn: mystery teachings, continued spiritual and mental focus, continued techniques and meditations, mantras and one additional symbol. Also, student will receive an ignition and placement. Certified Advanced Reiki Training (ART); ART is generally taught at the time the mature Reiki Practitioner feels prepared to move forward and learn this advanced Reiki Program. This level can also be taught when the client is ready to complete their Level Four Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Level.

However, not all students wish to be Reiki Teachers. They still may take the Advanced Level Three Training as an opportunity to increase their Reiki knowledge and certification. This training takes two days to complete.

Level Four (prerequisites are to complete Levels one, two and three)

in short includes a three day training to become a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher. The Master Level includes ignitions and placements, learning an additional symbol and learning how to teach Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Levels one through four.

All Levels include a Text Manual, Certificate and misc. documents with a body Chart.

Usui or Karuna Reiki Masters' Holy Fire Certification (those who did not come up through the Usui/Holy Fire Levels 1-4 training).

2 (8) hour days.

Course Contents:
Holy Fire Reiki Birth, Qualities, History and Definition
The Three Heavens
Letting Go of Guides
Holy Fire Reiki and Spiritual Guidance
Chanting and Toning
Healing Spirit Attachments
Placements, Experiences, Pre-Ignition and Master Ignitions
Receiving and Understanding Your Ignition Experience
Teaching Holy Fire Reiki Master Class Outline
Creating a Thriving Reiki Practice Part One and Two
Forms and Resources
Holy Fire® Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master Training Workbook
Certificate of Completion
Registration documentation for ICRT Directory placement Cost: $375.00